IoT Security: High Stakes for Billions of Devices

The speed of Internet of Things (IoT) adoption is creating opportunities for startups developing IoT security solutions. Many industries such as healthcare, energy, automotive, and consumer products are being transformed using insights gained from the real-time data that IoT provides. As new online devices continue to be added at exponential rates, the frequency of sophisticated cyber attacks targeting consumers, businesses, and public services is also increasing.

Startups are competing against large corporations to establish themselves as leaders in IoT security. And the rewards leading the charge to protect against security breaches, hijacking, and individual privacy concerns is enormous. According to KBV Research, the IoT Security market expected to reach $29.2B by 2022.

- Is the Internet of Things making us more vulnerable to attacks?

- Given the anticipated growth in connected devices, will security solutions be able to keep pace?

- What are the biggest challenges for startups working on IoT Security?


Mark Weatherford, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist, vArmour


May Wang, Co-Founder and CTO, ZingBox

Lasse Andresen, CTO and Founder, ForgeRock

Mallik Tatipamula, Vice President of Service Provider and IoT Solutions, F5 Networks

Carl Ledbetter, Managing Partner, Pelion Venture Partners

Dr. Vadim Chekletsov, Executive Director, Russian Research Center on the Internet of Things

Dr. George Prokopchuk, Techno-science Director, Russian Research Center on the Internet of Things

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