The IoT Hotspot Conference
The IoT Hotspot Conference

The first exclusive IoT Hotspot Conference is here to break down the geographic barriers and bring the IoT community together from around the world in a space where they can talk, learn, and innovate with pioneers like themselves. Extending the vision of IoT Day, founded by Rob van Kranenburg (Host) in 2010, the conference provides a chance to interact with IoT enthusiasts and build global networks – innovation at its finest!


Combining with The IoT Podcast, and founder Tom White (Host), the conference will be broadcast on a The IoT Podcast special episode!


The conference is highly interactive, allowing participants will be able to share the stage with speakers, ask questions and meet IoT enthusiasts from all around the world to talk at the meet and greet tables.


The IoT Hotspot Conference is powered by IoT Day X The IoT Podcast.

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