Russian Billionaire's take on the Internet of Things

The Russian entrepreneur and VC Yuri Milner who has had recent success investing $200 million in Facebook in 2009 (for a 1.96 percent stake) and also putting up 150k for all of the Ycombinator selected startups was recently taking part in a mini-Davos event with Lawrence H. Summers and Paul Krugman where he mentions the IoT.

Yuri went on to discuss the topic in terms of the global shift of information and attention to the web and a move towards “the emergence of the global brain, which consists of all the humans connected to each other and to the machine and interacting in a very unique and profound way, creating an intelligence that does not belong to any single human being or computer.”

Read the whole article of Yuri's comments and the event here, or watch him give a synopsis of the event below.

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