Rob van Kranenburg
Workshop "IoT RoadMap & Scenarios" by Rob van Kranenburg

The program for Lift@Home/Council/Institute of Philosophy November 5 Moscow is out:

Interdisciplinary Seminar on IoT, SmE, AmI, AR techno-and socio-cultural issues for innovational Human/City interfaces.There are three plenaries in the Institute of Philosophy Russian Academy of Sciences where professor Vladimir Arschinov (IPH RAS) will talk about "Emergency and Complexity of Iot-project", towards a human-centric approach. The second plenary is by Rob van Kranenburg of Council: "From Iot effects in socio-cultural & economic dimensions to smart things as an ontological shift". The third presenation is by Vadim Chekletsov:"Socio-cultural engineering for personalized human/city interfaces".